The Temperance Workshop: Potions, Offerings, & Rituals of Transformation


The Temperance Workshop: Tarot Magick for Transformation.



Temperance: Potions, Offerings, & Rituals of Transformation 

The Temperance card is about developing your inner world so that you can create healing, balance, and beauty in the outer world. Your inner life gives you meaning and purpose, while the world around you influences who you are on the inside. The Alchemist in the Temperance card is balancing inner with outer, above with below, water with earth, using spirit to power their transmutations.

In this workshop you will learn to use ordinary substances to make big magic in your everyday life. Cooking magic, cleaning magic, love magic, and more. You’ll learn how to whip up a spell using the things you have in your kitchen, create offerings for your ancestors, and a clearing potion and ritual that will restore your soul.

In this workshop, you’ll get a recorded live call you can re-watch whenever you want AND a beautiful downloadable package including:

  • A PDF with Temperance Card Meaning, History, and Correspondences
  • Journal Prompts for connecting with your inner alchemist
  • Temperance Tarot Spread (solving the unsolvable)
  • How-to make an Ancestral Offerings + Song
  • A Venusian Vessel Spell
  • A Healing Spell
  • A Plant Teacher Potion
  • A Cleaning potion + Ritual
  • How to charge an object with power
  • Sacred Bread Recipe (great for Lughnasdagh!)
  • An Alchemical Reading List
  • 90 minute replay of the live call
  • and more!

Note: The live element of this workshop took place on July 11th, however, the content is evergreen.