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Members of our Weird Circle  make this podcast – along with the workshops and bonus content that we create for our Jupiter Level* Subscribers – possible. *you can read more about the different subscriptions below : )

We are a team of two LA witches who love to share our passion for tarot, witchcraft, ritual, myth, magic, history, and regenerative culture with you! We love our community and are so thrilled to see it grow and thrive.

Your support keeps this podcast on the air by helping us research, write, record, pay for our online host services + other bills, and devote all the necessary time this podcast requires to maintain its high quality. Thank you so much for being part of this! We love and celebrate you, in this world and all worlds!

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Info on Weird Circle Membership*

If you’re looking to practice magic and learn tarot in a magical coven of like minded witches, you’ve come to the right place. Join our Weird Circle and get workshops, community, and so much MAGIC.

Jupiter Level Subscribers receive access to a new, unique workshop every 6-8 weeks!

These workshops include combinations of the following to help you connect to your own magic:

  • lesson PDFs
  • spells
  • ritual assignments
  • practical magical tips
  • deep cuts on tarot cards – mythology, astrology, correspondences, custom tarot spreads and more
  • words of power, gestures of power
  • magical chants and original music
  • recorded meditations
  • altar strategies
  • live group classes (and replays)
  • live QnA’s

Past workshops have included: Candle Magic; a 10-Week Cups Workshop for emotion magic; an Emperor workshop to reclaim your power; a 10-Week Wands Workshop to cultivate creative inspiration; protection rites with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram; and more!

Our Weird Circle has three tiers of membership:

Mercury level – $3 per month

This level is for you if you love our content, want to support us, and don’t need any reason beyond wanting to keep our podcast on the air to contribute a “coffee’s-worth” of manna a month. In exchange you get: our love and gratitude, some occasional surprise goodies just for fun, AND are also invited to our private online group to connect with other listeners.

Venus level – $9 per month

You love our content and want to keep our podcast on the air. You have the cash to feel good about donating the cost of a “fancy smoothie” a month in support! In exchange you get: our love and gratitude, some occasional surprise goodies just for fun, AND are invited to our private online group to connect with other listeners.

Jupiter level – $21 per month

You love our content and want… more. You want to take a dive into deep magic with us! Members at the Jupiter level receive the most recent Between the Worlds digital workshop, and all further workshops as long as you’re a member of our Weird Circle. Workshops typically include lesson PDFs, meditations, tarot spreads, Live Group Online Q&As, ritual assignments, songs, videos and more, every six to eight weeks. You also get entry to an online forum where you can connect with other Between the Worlds Weird Circle members to discuss the course content, tarot, magic, witchcraft, share your accomplishments and get answers to your questions. Subscribers will also receive little spontaneous goodies, like secret workshops we make just for you, secret episodes, PDF workbooks about magic, tarot, intuition, and more! Jupiter level subscribers really get a lot of bippity boppity boo for their buck!

Astral level

Same as Jupiter but an even better value.

Membership FAQs

Q: If I sign up, when does my membership begin? Do I get the current workshop offering?

Membership begins the month you join. Within one week of signing up (more often within 24 hours), you will receive an email with our offering of the month—we generally put out workshops/classes/content for our Jupiter level subscribers every other month, so you will receive the current offering, and then all of the following workshops. If a workshop is live, we also will have a recording available for download, so you’ll always be able to access it, even if you can’t be there at the time! 

Q. How can I make sure I get my workshop downloads without a hassle.

We do our best to make your experience totally hassle free! Subscribers don’t have to do anything to get your content –  we email you downloads to access our products. BUT! When you sign up to be a subscriber, PLEASE USE THE EMAIL AT WHICH YOU WANT TO RECEIVE CONTENT. And please add [email protected] to your contacts so your email server doesn’t hide our content. Usually when people haven’t received their workshops it’s because they’re looking for it in the wrong email box, or it went to spam. So check those two places first if you’re missing something, the solution might be that simple. Huzzah!

Thank you so much for your support! When you join our Weird Circle, you’re not just supporting us, you’re making it possible for us to share the wisdom of the tarot with the world!