Tarot Fundamentals Workshop





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If you want to go deeper in your tarot practice but aren’t sure where to start, join us for this powerful workshop!

Tarot is a witchy way to develop your intuition and find your magic. Every part of your life that involves decision making can be supported by tarot. When we listen to our intuition, we listen to our authentic self. Our heart knows the answer and it can guide us.

In this course, you’ll learn to:

Trust your interpretations of the cards, give confident readings, access your intuition, and form a stronger connection with the spirit of the cards.

Whether you’ve just acquired your first deck, or you’ve been reading for decades, you’re always a student of the Tarot. Join us!

Topics include:

  • consecrating your decks
  • card meanings, and strategies for reading them
  • “scary” cards and letting go of superstition
  • understanding the Celtic cross spread
  • creating your own spread
  • a meditation for understanding confusing cards
  • a song and gesture to invoke clarity and protection during your readings
  • an online workshop and more!

You can buy this as a one off or, get yourself the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year, and become a member of our coven. You’ll get workshops, monthly tarot studio classes, and lots of other goodies included in the cost of membership.

Course material drops on 10/23/22.

Our live workshop takes place at 11:00am PST on Sunday, 10/30/22. The replay will be available within 24 hours.

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