Cutting the Cord: Banishing, Cord Cutting, & Letting Go




Cutting the Cord with 2020: a Banishing and Welcoming Workshop

Phew! 2020 was a big one. Now that we’re moving into 2021, it’s time to reflect, release, cut the cord, and invite in some fresh energy. 

If you don’t want to let the challenges of 2020 slip into oblivion without gathering its lessons and its treasures, join us for our Cutting the Cord: Banishing and Welcoming workshop.

In this workshop we’ll be processing through some of the teachings of 2020 so that we can use them to move forward in the new year. We’ll be releasing our sorrows and clearing our wounds. Then, we’ll welcome in the ways we’d like to grow and flourish in the coming year.

Witches use rituals to help us mark time. Through ritual, we celebrate, honor, reflect and heal.

This workshop will include:

  • A cord cutting ritual we’ll practice together on a live call + a Q&A to answer all your cord cutting questions. (Note that you can use this cord cutting ritual for ANYTHING you need to cut the cord with, AND you’ll get the replay which you’ll be able to use forever.)
  • Journal Prompts to help you reflect on this past year, what you’ve learned, how you’ve grown, what you’re ready to let go of, and how you plan to bring in new energy. 
  • Altar Strategies to help you bring your intentions for 2021 into material reality
  • Words of Power you’ll be able to use throughout the year to amplify your will
  • Gestures of Power for those of you who are kinesthetic learners, you’ll be able to use these gestures for all your spells
  • A tarot spread to help you clarify your goals, release your obstacles, and guide you on your path for the coming year
  • And a beautiful instructional PDF to organize your materials that you’ll be able to keep forever.