The Strength Year Workshop


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The Strength Year is here!

Tarot helps us develop our intuition and find our magic (our ability to create transformation). Every part of your life that involves decision making can be supported by tarot. When we listen to our intuition, we listen to our authentic self. Our heart already knows the answer. Tarot can help us listen to our hearts and find our path.

If you want to go deeper in your tarot practice but aren’t sure where to start, join us for this workshop!


In this course, you’ll learn how the Strength Year can help us find our authentic self, work with our muse, and resource ourselves to create the world we want to find! (All without becoming a monster!)

Each one of us has a specific area in our life where we can make most use of the medicine of the Strength Year, and it’s different for everyone.

In this workshop you’ll learn how the Stength Year can show you how to gently coax your inner Lion to give its most mighty roar.

In this workshop you’ll learn how the Strength Year will help you find the right environment for you to thrive.

You’ll also have an opportunity to reflect upon what 2023 – The Chariot Year – had to teach us. Doing this work in a group setting will help you expand your perspective and access the mysteries of the cards.

Next we’ll take a look at YOUR PERSONAL Cards of the Year, how they relate to the collective cards and to your Soul card / Lifetime card. Your Card of the Year is a class in your Soul Card curriculum. This workshop will help you be a good student!

Our Cards of the Year function as teachers and guides. They can help us clarify our path, identify our intentions, and make use of the lessons and opportunities available to us throughout the year.

In this workshop, you’ll get a clear guide for 2024 that’s way more fun than your average, “Set your New Year’s Intentions,” vibe. This is a workshop for people with imagination and heart, people who want to drink from the Cup of Inspiration that tarot offers us. 

You’ll learn rituals you can use based on your cards; what to do if you feel resistance to your cards of the year; and ways to form deeper relationships to the cards beyond the definitions provided by the “little white book”.

Join us for this workshop if you’re ready to make the most of the Strength Year!

This workshop will include:

  • Lots of intel on what your personal card of the year means and how it relates to the collective card of the Year, The Strength Card
  • A Strength Card Ritual & Live Workshop
  • Journal Prompts to help you reflect on this past year, what you’ve learned, how you’ve grown, what you’re letting go of, and what the new year offers you
  • Altar Strategies to help bring your intentions for 2024 into form
  • Words of Power you’ll be able to use throughout the year to work with your cards and make the most of their offerings
  • A chant, song, and Gestures of Power for kinesthetic learners to work with the spirit of the cards in their bodies
  • A tarot spread to help you clarify your goals, release your obstacles, and guide you on your path for the coming year
  • Instructions on how to find out your Soul Card, Personal Card of the Year, and a bonus Tarot Studio workshop to learn more about Your Personal Teacher Card.
  • And a beautiful instructional PDF to organize your materials that you’ll be able to keep forever.

All for $88.


When does this workshop become available?
Immediately! Once you purchase the course, you’ll automatically receive a PDF with links to the material.

Is this only for subscribers?
Anyone can join this workshop.

Do you have to be present for the live workshop?
Nope, after we hold the live call you will receive a downloadable package that you can access anytime.

How do I purchase this workshop?
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